Saturday, November 08, 2008

Foggy Foggy Morn


Endment said...

Celebration Day
Happy 3rd Blogging Anniversary Cate

Thank you and Thank you again!

SLW said...

I so LOVE fog-- a rare event here.

Many congratulations to you, this is an overwhelming accomplishment to a sometime-blogger like my inconsistent self. You never fail to inspire, Cate... my gratitude goes with you always!

robin andrea said...

Happy third anniversary in the blogosphere.

Sky said...

WOW - I cannot even imagine blogging daily for 3 years! I do well to get a post up each month and usually only get about 10 a year. Your accomplishment is pretty remarkable, indeed. And, if we discuss quality then it is off the scale!

Big Congrats today, Cate! Here is my wish that your blogging continues indefinitely because your work here is so beautiful. :)

Quiet said...

Oh, thank you for these pictures!

There are huge pylons in all of my favourite urban parks, or other city structures can be seen.

You've given an example of how even these can sometimes be interesting if not attractive.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary! I love visiting here; your pictures and words give me a sense of peace. How wonderful that today's picture is one of yours & my favorite -- a liminal space.

Lené Gary said...

Happy Anniversary, Cat. I LOVE your new blog design. It's beautiful. I haven't been an active blogger for quite some time now, but when I do come by, my heart is always lifted. Wishing you the best!