Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Smiling


Lady North said...

As someone who has recently recovered photos from an aging vcd, may I suggest a third path?
Put back the photos with the posts, and then save them as mhts to a dvd. Then select which ones you wish to share? I know I find your photographic eye one of the most inspiring on here.
You might want to consider publishing your posts as a book so you have a hard copy in case things go south. Blurb apparently can 'slurp' blog posts and there are others on there as well.
Lady North

Anonymous said...

Cate; Having just lost all of my photos to a mean and nasty Spyware that infected my computer my response to your enquiry of whether to repost is YES. I can't imagine all those Wordless Wednesday's with no words but no photos either!