Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things on Trees in October

Hairy Parchment
(Stereum hirsutum)

Lemon Drops or Yellow Fairy Cup
(Bisporella citrina)

Northern Tooth
(Climacodon septentrionale)

Tree Ear
(Auricularia Polytricha)

(Trametes versicolor)


Sky said...

the turkeytail is gorgeous! i enjoyed all of these photos immensely. i have not noticed until this year how beautiful fungi can be.

kerrdelune said...

(Sigh) with a few exceptions such as chickadees and nuthatches, the birds have migrated, and so it is time to turn eye and lens on the quieter residents of our woods - there are some gorgeous mushrooms, lichens and fungi out there...

L'Adelaide said...

You have the most immense conglomeration of fungi and such I have ever seen! :)