Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trumpets in Evening Rain

White Angel's Trumpet
(Datura or Brugmansia candida)

The plant is huge, fragrant and very poisonous, and it blooms all season long.

Like my favorite specimen hostas in the garden (Elegans, Blue Angel and Mr. Big), I love Datura for its unruly growth and exuberance, for its refusal to take a back seat to anything else except wild roses, Michaelmas daisies and blackberry canes.

At nightfall on rainy September days, the extravagant blooms have a kind of phosphorescent glow, and I can see them right from the kitchen window as I stand with my tea and watch the day folding inward upon itself like a vast cosmic umbrella.


One Woman's Journey said...

Cate, beautiful image.
I do not wish for much.
But I wish I had your gift of words.

hele said...

To be one of those small drops for a few moments.

Cloudscome said...

So beautiful and of course deadly! (to paraphrase Issa)

The Riverbum said...

A lovely shot. I don't know why, but my angel trumpets did not flower this year. The plant grew, but no flowers. I always enjoy their scent on a warm evening.

Wenda said...

Angel trumpets are new to my garden this year and didn't thrive, but I'm looking forward to seeing them show off next year when they are more established.
Yours are lovely!