Saturday, September 06, 2008

Green Darner

Common Female Green Darner
(Anax junius)

Call it serendipity, for it was fortuitous chance that led me to notice the bright green dragonfly in the equally bright green hedgerow yesterday morning. She was motionless in the cedars as she basked in the early sunlight and waited for the day to warm up, and she almost seemed to be sleeping. She was perilously close to a large spider web, so I moved her a few feet to safety, and she rested easy in my hand when I did. Although the adjective "common" is often attached to this dragonfly's name, there was nothing common about her at all.

Beautiful Wrenn of Wrennaissance Reflections is hosting I and the Bird this month, and her theme for this issue is "the joy of birds". She has gathered up a wealth of magnificent avian images for the carnival, and there are wonders in abundance at her blog. Visit her here and prepare to be delighted and astonished.


Crayons said...

Magical and marvelous. I love the image of your protective gesture.

Julia Guthrie said...

I LOVE Dragonflies...they are so magical & I rarely see them. so when I do, I always just stop still to watch them fly past me. This is a beautiful photograph!:)

Anonymous said...

I have only seen one close up. Great photograph. Don't they seem to be trying to communicate sometimes?