Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Poem - Don't Wait

This is now, and now is all there is.
Don't wait for then to appear out of the fog.
Strike the spark and light the fire upon your hearth.
Take the place prepared for you at Gaia's table and
feast with gusto. Quench your thirst and longing with
the rich and heady wine of her wise creation.

Dance the way branches of maple and cedar
are dancing aloft in this morning's autumn wind.
Remember the song that is effortlessly flowing
through your blood and bones and along your skin.

Remember that the rich dark earth below your feet
and the blue sky over your head are the cloth of Gaia's
perfect weaving and the stuff of your own story,
a tale that is wild and sweet and winding.

Tailor the robe you have woven with dignity and grace.



Karen said...

Beautiful, thank you

Anonymous said...

Soul-satisfying, both image and words. Thank you, thank you.

Wholly Jeanne said...

my story = a tale that is wild and sweet and winding . . . i like thinking of it that way.

hele said...

That quenched my heart.

Leanne said...

wonderful! thank you for sharing yuuor words.
Leanne x

Dawn said...

I like it! check out Sep 3, post!

Shelley said...

Tailor the robe you have woven...

Just lovely.

Aiyana said...

You never disappoint! Such a lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Cate,
These words are so beautiful and perfect for the coming autumn. Gathering, picking, and pickling and best of all feasting.

Enjoy this harvest season...

L'Adelaide said...

absolutely stunning...thank you so for sharing a piece of your dear heart.

Sky said...

"This is now, and now is all there is." Such an important truth, and one which took me so long to grasp - obvious though it is.

These are such beautiful words.

Kathie Brown said...

I feel the wildness in this poem. I'm dancing now.