Monday, August 04, 2008


If August has a color, then that color is gold, the great round bales of mixed alfalfa, clover and timothy spread out in the stubble fields like rolls of coinage, the daisies, mulleins and evening primroses along rural roadsides, the great yellow moon rising over everything at the close of day.

Golden too, these last few days with my darling girl, Cassie.


Unknown said...

my heart is with you, i know the pain of losing a dear friend..

i held my little Oscar's paw as he passed away... that was 3 years ago now, and still the tears come...

they leave their little paw prints on your heart forever... never to be forgotten.

take care and be strong.

anita said...

I love August. and you captured it in one word, golden.

Oh, I don't know you, except through your words and pictures, but my heart aches for you and your pain in these days. I will hold your sorrow in my morning prayers. I, too, have experienced the loss of the dear friends, and miss them now, even.

Crayons said...

Yes, the prairies here are golden and yellow with flowers. Such a change from the sprinkling of colors in May.

I'm so glad that you get to accompany her gently to the door of the next life. The bond goes beyond anything that human couples experience. It is pure and unconditional love in the here and in the now. She receives from you and you from her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cate, your words and sharing are a sanctuary I return to again and again. I wanted to share a poem with you, written by Polish poet Julia Hartwig. She's now in her late 80s and has lived through much. To me, this poem captures the inevitability of loss and the heart breaking beauty of the world.

Tell Me Why This Hurry

The lindens are blossoming the lindens have lost their blossoms
and this flowery procession moves without any restraint
Where are you hurrying lilies of the valley jasmines
petunias lilacs irises roses and peonies
Mondays and Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays
nasturtiums and gladioli zinnias and lobelias
yarrow dill goldenrod and grasses
flowery Mays and Junes and Julys and Augusts
lakes of flowers seas of flowers meadows
holy fires of fern one-day grails
Tell me why this hurry where are you rushing
in a cherry blizzard a deluge of greenness
all with the wind racing in one direction only
crowns proud yesterday today fallen into sand
eternal desires passions mistresses of destruction

Blessings to you and your beautiful Cassie!