Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Pond and Koi


Anonymous said...

Lovely; I particularly like the top with the leaf (Ginko?) as part of the composition. Did you use a polarizing filter to capture these images?

I meant to remark also how much I like the design of your site and your artwork.

Crayons said...

I'm stopping by on an emotionally stormy afternoon. A friend and I tangled. How soothing to find this photo here. I can feel my breath even out, even as I gaze on it.

Last night I attended a poetry reading. I read "Fern Hill," much to the dingle delight of the listeners. Thanks for bringing it back to the surface.

Peggy said...

I came here via a recommendation by Caroline of Crayons--she was right, what a fine site you have! Koi photos are superb and so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mona Mie',
I am so glad you found me again.
I do miss DRealm of the fairies.
It is hot and humid here in N. Florida. Walking outside, I am still in awe at the splendor that surrounds me. An egret dipping it's beak in the shallow water of the lake. A variety of butterflies and some bees,sipping nectar from the pentas and lantana. The magnificent oaks waving from the hammock they have made.
I look forward to your daily musings. Thanks for finding me again.