Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Ramble - All in a Vibrant Motion

In the brief blinding array of northern summer days, there comes one now and again when the skies are gray, when the clouds are low and dense and promise rain, when a brisk wind dances through the garden behind the little blue house in the village.

On such days one watches with a dismay as the Asiatic lilies on their long lithe stems sway back and forth with a rhythm that has all the elements of ballet, and the fragrant petals of the blooms in the old rose garden tumble to earth in the wind.

I finish my mug of Darjeeling, and entranced by the vibrant swaying motion in the garden, I go out to view the choreography and capture a single image with the camera, knowing that a good clear image will probably evade me in the madcap breeze. Somehow or other, I find myself doing a free flowing cata of my own as I try to align my thoughts, my movements and the camera lens with the moving air and the flame colored dancing lilies.

If there is a word for this week and this day, then it has to be "motion", and it is amusing to think that if I had been giving any conscious thought to movement this morning, I would have been lurching and hopping about in the garden and not moving in harmony with the wind.


d smith kaich jones said...

I found you via a rather circuitous route along the blogosphere, which fits quite nicely with your word for the day/week - motion. What a lovely place you have. The word for MY day/week is stillness - the summer heat is blasting down & we are all moving in slow motion.

I am glad to have made my way here & will be back. Many thanks.


Tabor said...

What an interesting way to get in tune with your environment. The photo seems to reflect that you were in perfect harmony.