Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Poem - Early Walkers

At dawn, a frail moon waning up there
somewhere in the unseen blue, blesses
a perfect summer day that will surely
never come again to sing, and slow

walkers in the early fog, we go together
paw and paw through summer yieldings
of sweet purple clover and rhyming
cricket, of humming bee and dancing leaf

while all around us, unseen but deeply
felt and loved, the world is breathing
in and out, our three voices falling
into seamless light and tune and time.


kerrdelune said...

We wrote this, Cassie and I, after our first walk this morning.

Anonymous said...

KerrdeLune for a summer song that blends 'into seamless light and tune and time'..thanks..

SandyCarlson said...

A perfect summer song. Thanks for joining OSI this week!
Writing in Faith: Poems

Roswila said...

Love that last stanza especially.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to OSI. I really enjoyed reading this poem. It transported me into the place and emotion of the morning walk.

The Dutchess said...
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The Dutchess said...

It must have been a beautiful walk...

Anonymous said...

A perfect morning song! Such a lovely melody, the world breathing in and out! I'm very glad to joined us in One Single Impression.