Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Poem - All in the Patient Wanderer's Eye

all in the patient wanderer's eye,
these jester hat shapes of delicate columbines
unfurling, the lofty towers of rosy lupins
and crinkled poppies in the hedge at dawn,
cherry trees blooming overhead like confetti,
intensely purple violets in the grass.

between one sunrise moment and the next,
we stand here, she and I, looking upward
at these endless blue skies of infinite possibility,
these dancing spinneys of gently waving trees,
breathing in and out together, we go paw
and paw along - this is all there is.

Cate (me)


Anonymous said...

How lovely, both picture and verse!

Shelli said...

Beautiful photo and poem.

L'Adelaide said...

I am grateful to have stopped by and been fed....

hele said...

I stared at the photo, at all the lines leading towards and away from each other, for a very long time.