Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Poppies and Rain

Red Poppy
(Papaver Rhoeas)

Off we went in the pouring rain this morning, Cassie and I, seeking colour and fragrance in the sopping wet hedgerow. The buds of this wild and wayward poppy were not visible from afar, but the first blooming specimen could be experienced from quite a distance - the colour, the fragrance, the splendid crinkly texture like taffeta, the perfect round raindrops beading the buds and the single emergent bloom.

Together, we experienced the splendid serendipitous wedding of colour, texture, fragrance and weather, and our sharing needed no words or exchanging of glances. The beauty of the camera is that it allowed us to bring our shared experiences home and delight in them all over again..


Shelli said...


Lené Gary said...

What a treat! We're still waiting for those very blooms over here. I haven't blogged for a while--not sure how long you've had your new design, but I love it. It's quite beautiful and welcoming, Kerrdelune.

Val said...

I am seeing those too - what a delight - the closed buds, the narrow opening revealing a flash of colour or full blown petals - which is more exciting?

Lovely photo of your friend, enjoy your precious time together.

Catching up with all your wonderful images.

I am wearing a Tshirt, all the way from Café Press with your labyrinth on back and front. Finally warm enough to wear it!

Shelley said...

WOW, these are just stunning.

Thank thee.

Livia Indica said...

How timely. I just recently had my first encounter with a wild poppy. They are so uncommon around here that I had never seen one before! Beautiful words and images as always.

Anil P said...

Lovely post with a lovely pic.

I could almost sense the prancing delight.

joey said...

The title drew me in ... lovely poppy photo!