Friday, June 13, 2008

Peaceful Waters

Such sunset waters are soothing stuff indeed when graced by herons and loons, but they are therapeutic all by themselves and need no water birds to turn them into "wabi sabi" compositions. The water, the reeds, the stones, the reflected clouds and the windfall light are quite enough.

The Friday Ramble will return next week, when I have installed a new tire smoking motherboard with twin processors and cauldrons of RAM for developing photos and doing digital painting. The change is not something I had planned to do, but as of this morning, there is no choice - my old friend is failing fast and she will be only a memory within a few short days.

At the moment, I am unable to work, and it is impossible to send even an e-mail without several system crashes. As for photography "stuff", well, the most I can do at the moment is move items from the camera to the system.

For someone who loves blogging, digital photography, graphic design and typefaces so much, this is a shock, but it's also a valuable lesson about impermanence. All things evolve and pass away, and that goes for computers too.

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Janet said...

A great shot - really fantastic.