Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yellow Empress

One of those perfect moments which sometimes happens in May if one is fortunate: clear blue skies and grosbeaks in the overstory, wild turkey nests and whole hidden rocky hillsides full of gentle waving wild orchids, Cassie and I pottering along together.

These wild colonies of Yellow Lady's Slippers are rare creatures indeed, and my slow treacherous climb up that rocky hillside has something of the nature of a pilgrimage. I find a small level place and sit there among the orchids, borrowing the smallest soupcon of their golden glow and listening to the wind moving among the blooms, through the grasses and over the old stones.

The Showy Lady's Slippers which bloom in late June here are magnificent entities, but these wild yellow orchids have their own majesty, and I often wonder why they receive so little attention. Perhaps I shall become the bard of the yellows and sing their wild and perfect song.

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