Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty
(Clayton virginica)

This tiny delicate pink-veined wildflower is another of the wild cousins who adorn the forest floor in profusion at this time of the year, and I always look for them in the Two Hundred Acre Wood where they exist happily with hepaticas and anemones among the leaf litterings of last autumn. The wildflower is also known here as the "fairy spud" for its edible tubers, which apparently taste much like the domestic potato.

A wildflower this small is difficult to photograph - the slightest breeze or breath stirs the whole throng, and they murmur and sway in unison like a band of dancing gypsies.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh your words! Your words are so lovely and you're right, photographing tiny little flowers is a big challenge and you have done so well.

Texas Travelers said...

I really like your flower and nature photographs.
I got here from Foothills Fancies.

I have added you to our "Check it Out - Favorites" Blog roll.

I'll be back when it's a little quieter and enjoy some more of your photos.

Have a great weekend,
Troy and Martha