Saturday, May 17, 2008

In Greening Heart

It's strange how these common images catch the eyes and tug one's imagination and heartstrings inward. This is just a frond of the great white pine which stands on the edge of the eastern hill, a simple but attractive arrangement in which a mandala of intense blue-green (and very fragrant) needles radiate outward from a heart in which there nestles a pair of tiny infant pine cones.

This morning, the whole tree was in motion over my head, and I loved the effortlessly flowing symmetry of so many pine scented mandalas cradling little cones. For some reason, I found myself thinking of vast oceans and tall ships under sail with creaking wooden masts. I also thought of wheels, of great turnings and webs, particularly Indra's diamond web.

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Mary Ann said...

This is beautiful. I can almost smell the pine and the saltwater of the ocean.