Monday, May 19, 2008

By the Pond

It is too early in the season for turtles, and it will be some time before frogs and minnows are here in sufficient numbers to lure the great herons and smaller bitterns to grace the pond with their august presences. Invoking the happy habits of previous springtimes, I looked for them anyway as I sat by the pond yesterday.

I measured the height of the new cattails fringing the pond and shooting upward almost as I watched, the depth of the calm water along the shoreline - I listened to the current running over the rocks and through the beaver channels and the reeds. I watched the warm run-honey sunlight flickering through the trees and playing over the pond, slow ripples forming and moving outward in ever widening circles.

Life's uncertainties, embarrassments, pains, pangs and discomforts notwithstanding, life was good yesterday, and I found myself wondering I wondered why I get in such a flap at times. One would think that I should have learned better by now, but it appears I still have much to learn from these rivers and ponds and hills, from the good dark earth of this wild place of abundant grace and untrammeled nurturing. It's all a matter of simplicity - it all comes down to being mindful and dwelling fully in the moment, resting easy in the fleeting here and the now of this plane of existence.

All one really needs in life is earth, water, sunshine, trees and good companions to journey on with, the healing touch of the Old Wild Mother on one's shoulder. Yesterday, I could hear Her breathing, and it felt like a benediction.


Anonymous said...

I think that sometimes we forget so that we can have the joy of remembering again.

Lil said...

i hear hope in your voice sounds good.

from maiden to mother is not flying under the radar, forget that crap, i'd rather live open then live in fear. link away! and what about your moonhallow, i respect your privacy, just asking if it's something you'd care to share with this blogger??