Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday - Storm on the Lake

It happens from time to time in springtime. I arise at the usual time (before dawn) and watch the day unfold from my kitchen window, which looks out over the garden. A little later, I don my tallest rubber boots, and Cassie and I go splashing through puddles in wilder corners of the village.

Time seems to fly away, and I suddenly remember that I never got around to turning on the computer and writing a little something. The exercise is put off for a while longer as I browse through my photos and remember how spectacular the first storm of the season was. Can you sniff the ozone in the air here and feel the crackling energy in the air? The Old Wild Mother has power to spare.


Shelli said...

Great capture. It's nice to be distracted from the computer sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I think we're in day two of a three-day storm. Hope my dam doesn't wash away.