Monday, April 21, 2008

April's Full Seed Moon

April's Seed moon is big and beautiful and it comes up over the trees like a sanguine gesture, promising an end to the northern snows, heralding warmer days and nights, my perennial garden coming to life and shooting greenly up and out in all directions at once.

The pool (or puddle) in this photo was a great mound of grimy snow only a few days ago, and there were no reflections to be enjoyed until yesterday when springtime appeared to be here at last, and the village launched itself into sprouting mode. There are still a few cold nights to be endured of course, but last evening was the first time in many months that I could stand in the garden after dark without being muffled head to toe in heavy winter togs, and that felt just wonderful. There are nesting birds everywhere in the village, and the local hedgerows are full of cottontails.

A fabulous golden moon it was, and there was something very Zen about standing out in the garden under the evergreens and seeing its perfect lustrous reflection in the melt pool at my feet. Oh to be Basho and write a perfect haiku about springtime moons.

We also know April's golden moon as:

Ashes Moon, Awakening Moon, Big Spring Moon, Big Summer Moon, Black Oaks Tassel Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, Budding Time Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Bullhead Moon, Cherry Blossom Moon, Daisy Moon, Moon, Egg Moon, Moon, Fish Moon, Flower Moon, Frog Moon, Glittering Snow on Lake Moon, Grass Moon, Gray Goose Moon, Great Sand Storm Moon, Green Grass Moon,, Growing Moon, Half Spring Moon, Hare Moon, Ice Breaking in the River Moon, Leaf Split Moon, Loon Moon, Maple Moon, Maple Sugar Moon, Maple Sap Boiling Moon, Moon of Greening Grass, Moon of Red Grass Appearing, Moon of the Big Leaves, Moon of the Red Grass Appearing, Moon of Windbreak, Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation, Moon When Nothing Happens, Moon When the Geese Lay Eggs, Moon When They Set Indian Corn, Peony Moon, Pink Moon, Planter's Moon, Planting Corn Moon, Planting Moon, Poinciana Moon, Red Grass Appearing Moon, Ring Finger Moon, Snowshoe Breaking Moon, Spring Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Moon, Sugar Maker Moon, Summer Moon, Sweet Pea Moon, Tulip Moon, White Lady Moon, Wildcat Moon, Willow Moon, Wind Moon, Wisteria Moon, Yellow Moon

I am rather fond of "Awakening Moon" and "Maple Moon".

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