Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Ramble - Transform

All winter along, I photographed fields of snow and frozen rivers, searching, always searching for color and line and shape, for movement. There is precious little movement in my abode of snow in winter, and every single flickering movement was something cherish and remember in the icy depths of January and February.

Now, little by little, my wild northern realm is transforming, and as long as I have been kicking around the planet (in this lifetime anyway), the movement still leaves me breathless, wide eyed and full of wonder. The world is being translated into light and song, and it is magical and humbling to be here and bear witness to such sweeping natural grandeur and change. It makes one feel small and very insignificant, but oh so privileged to be here and part of this transformation, to have the wits to see it, even if I can't describe it adequately.

The word transform comes to us from the Middle English transformen, thence from the Latin trānsfōrmāre, meaning to change in shape, and I find myself thinking of the Buddha's words, that "change comes from within". We are all motoring along together on this journey - we are works of art in progress, flowing, evolving, transforming and being transformed as we go along. Water is life, and the image of cold springtime waters flowing over the rocks is the perfect metaphor for this process we are all undergoing together. I wish I could share the wild exuberant joyous song my river sings in early springtime.


Val said...

Thank you for the reminder. Despite the movement of the season, my personal interior season feels ossifying and cementing....all the more reason to celebrate transformation!

Shelli said...

As always, beautiful and uplifting.