Thursday, February 21, 2008

February's Full Hunger Moon

Along comes the night of the February full moon, and it is cold, oh so cold. One wraps up in every warm garment she possesses, grabs tripod, camera and lenses and crunches out into a snowbound field to capture that perfect moon on her memory card. Such are the doings of a doddering acolyte and passionate devotee of the natural orders in general and Lady Moon very particularly.

The moon comes up over the snowbound hill like a benediction, round and white and glowing. I watch her climb into the night behind the old pine tree, and I think (as I do on this night every single month), that this moon is the most beautiful I have ever witnessed. Just beyond the hill, a pack of timber wolves is singing their pleasure, and a reply echoes from somewhere up the valley - the local coyotes are also singing to the moon. I clear my throat, and I join the wild chorus of hallelujahs. What on earth or out among the stars have I ever done to deserve such a wondrous night?

We also know this moon as the: Ash Moon, Big Winter Moon, Bone Moon, Bony Moon, Budding Moon, Chestnuts Moon, Cold Winds Moon, Coyote Moon, Crow Moon, Dark Red Calves Moon, Death Moon, Eagle Moon, Fish Running Moon, Frost Sparkling in the Sun Moon, Gray Moon, Horning Moon, Ice in River Is Gone Moon, Ice Moon, Index Finger Moon, Little Bud Moon, Long Dry Moon, Makes Branches Fall in Pieces Moon, Mimosa Moon, Moon of Ice, Moon of Purification and Renewal, Moon of Rabbit Conception, Moon of the Cedar Dust Wind, Moon of the Raccoon, Moon of the Frog, Moon When Geese Come Home, Moon When the Bear Cubs are Born, Moon When the Spruce Tips Fall, Moon When Trees Pop, Moon When Trees Are Bare and Vegetation Is Scarce, Narcissus Moon, No Snow in Trails Moon, Peach Blossom Moon, Pink Moon, Plum Blossom Moon, Primrose Moon, Quickening Moon, Raccoon Moon, Rain & Dancing Moon , Red and Cleansing Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Snow Moon, Squint Rock Moon, Staying Home Moon, Storing Moon, Storm Moon, Stronger Sun Moon, Sucker Fish Moon, Sucker Moon, Trapper’s Moon, Treacherous Moon, Violet Moon, Moon, Wild Moon, Wind Moon, Wind Tossed Moon or Winter Moon


Sky said...


Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm happy I did! Thanks so much for sharing your images and words.

I trust you know the book Full Moon Feast?

~Flaneuse in Washington DC

Karen said...

Yet again - the full moon here was shrouded in cloud.
Yet again - have I been able to enjoy her, and your words and images through your site
Thank you

kate smudges said...

That is a stunning image of the moon and yet again, I am amazed at the number of names the moon has this month. It is quite something.

I would love to hear the wolves and coyotes howling at the moon. Best - I'd love to join in!

Visual-Voice said...

lovely... I saw the same moon last night in washington, dc, only it was cloaked in full eclipse. It was magnificent.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful photo of the moon. I saw it here in Saint Louis, too, but there were no wolves howling. Wolves would be perfect.

Shelli said...

Last night my husband called on his way home from work and told me a beautiful, full moon was rising, and I should go out and show our son, who is 18 months old. So, I went out and held him in our driveway, watching the moon rise above the tree line. I kept pointing at it, saying "moon, moon!" Aidan pointed at it and said "ba!" which is his word for "ball."

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That indigo sky with the full moon above the pines made my heart dance with joy.

I got some pictures but your situation was tremendous. I have never heard a wolf in the wild howl. I would have been howling with joy too if I had heard them.

All of those names for this moon. I guess people take from the moon what they want or need.

Suzanne said...

Just when I think that your words and images can't possibly be any more inspiring or full of the wild beauty of life -- and there you come with more. All I can say about this post is -- Wow! Thank you, Cate.

daringtowrite said...

So glad I stopped in to feast on your words and images again tonight. A perfect way to end my day.

Dianna Woolley said...

Your photos and poetry once more awakens, provokes, thoughts, prayers,
especially these words you wrote..

What on earth or out among the stars have I ever done to deserve such a wondrous night?

and as I've just seen when reading the comments and as I was ready to send....that Nancy Bond was moved by the same phrase - I'm in good company, it seems:)

Thank you!