Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Sunlight

Does the gorge look cold in these photos? It is certainly that at this time of the year, and only the strong pure shaft of sunlight keeps the stream open and flowing merrily along - sunlight and the momentum of the icy water's headlong rushing over the rocks toward the beaver pond a mile away on the other side of the Two Hundred Acre Wood.

What was I doing here anyway? The day was far too cold for wandering about with camera, binoculars and a thermos of tea. One would almost have been better off on the summit of Mount Everest, although Annapurna is more likely to be my choice in mountains.

The answer is simple. We are now in mid January, and the usual restless state has set in. I must be out and about, cold or no cold. The song of the wind on such a winter day is a wild and exhilarating thing.


Suzanne said...

And how lucky for us that you have this desire to see what is new each day. Your photos lovingly share the life that you see. I seem to see the water move when I look at them!

Blessings to you, Cate.

Anonymous said...

You make me wish there was someplace close that I could go walkabout in. Or that I had a car so I could drive to someplace a little wild.

Thank you for these beautiful images.

And, a thermos of tea? Mmmmmm...yes.

Karen said...


Rain Trueax said...

Your blog is always like a breath of fresh air for me each morning when I get here. Lovely photos, so sparse, so perfect

Shelli said...

It looks cold, and yet the sunlight casts a feeling of warmth too. But then again, I'm sitting in a warm house. I'm sure you are dressed properly for the cold! I don't think I even own a proper jacket that would suffice where you live! Thank you for the beautiful images.

Val said...

Thats a strong call, so glad you answer it!