Friday, January 18, 2008

The Friday Ramble - Listen

Friday's word this week is "listen".

A bitterly cold wind howls through the gutters of the little blue house in the village and goes rushing around its corners, whistling a hollow resonant tune that sounds like my battered old Tibetan singing bowl. There is tinkling and crackling up by the eaves as the resident icicles protest the presence that is trying so hard to bring them down. When they tumble and shatter, the icicles ring like bells against the snow.

I stand outside the back door of the little blue house with morning tea in hand and listen to the day, and it seems to me that these ordinary morning sounds are almost symphonic in their expression and their seemingly effortless orchestration - the silent intervals between the notes are equally poignant, complete and expressive. When it snows later in the day, I shall actually be able to hear the snow falling among the trees and coming to rest on the stones of the garden, and such moments are precious beyond words, some of my favorite moments in all of life.

Listen..... what is the music of your life?


Weeping Sore said...

Your musings helped me recall my child winters when I would listen to the snow, certain it was whispering secrets only to me as it fell.
Now that I'm in a warmer climate (and wear hearing aids) I can hear whispers any time I want by removing the hearing aids. But the magic is gone.
The best music of my life now is hearing the cats thumping up and down the hall as they chase each other before settle down for the night.

San said...

The music of my life? There is much to be heard and part of it today is this lovely, evocative post. Thank you for the lyrical words as well as the music of the icicles.

Shelli said...

Beautiful. I felt like I was standing at your back door with you.

Right now I'm listening to hear when my little boy will wake up from his nap. Soon I'll hear him: "da Dah Duh." He is the music of my life right now.

akash said...

Right now the icicles are humming a
beautiful tune in my ears .

Usually it is the sky that sings to me .


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful writing. It's been years since I heard the sound of snow falling on trees. Thank you for bringing the memory back.

My Guy tends to whistle under his breath. Constantly. The same tune from morning until night. Used to annoy me until I realized if he were gone, I'd miss it.

Debbie said...

Hey there!

I'm still here and still writing on your weekly topic!

Have a great day, sis!

Prairie Star

P.S. - could I be added to your blog roll?