Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowy Deeps and Shallows

I am living (it seems) in a desert made of snow, one replete with dunes, hollows and graceful undulating curves flowing away into the distance. There is only the old cedar rail fences to indicate that humankind have walked these fields and woods and claimed them in ownership.

Somewhere between the old fence rails is a road I have often walked at sunrise in warmer seasons - really more of a rutted nameless trail than a recognized artery. Beyond the hill on the right is a reed fringed pond where bitterns haunt the shallows on fine summer nights and bullfrogs sing in three part harmony.

I don't own this place and I certainly don't possess it - I am merely its fierce and devoted custodian.


Shelli said...

I love how you have connected the photos. I am cold just looking at them. And yet I am warmed too.

Endment said...

Light and shadows always captivate me This combination turns everyday things into works of art

z-silverlight said...

Snow makes it that the Earth is born new each year. The snow makes it all pristine. Removing and covering old scars.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise this morning to see these two pics that you've fit together so well!

Lovin' twinkles,
Prairie Star

Anonymous said...

Cate, thank you for your daily inspirations. It's become part of my daily work routine to first check for phone messages, emails and then your wonderful posts. They make the days more pleasurable as I yearn to be in the Eastern Highlands. Only 3 more years to go until retirement! Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday.
Jane from Ottawa

Changes in the wind said...

Love the shadow of the fence on the snow...great detail.
Makes me think of domino's ready to fall:)

am said...

Love these two.