Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nacreous Nightfall

November days are (for the most part) rather grim stuff, gray and gloomy and all too short, but the nightfalls? The nightfalls are something else entirely, particularly nightfalls out at the lake, the water being painted gold and purple by the setting sun and night mists anointing the dark cedars on the far and not-so-distant shore. There's a lustrous, nebulous and wonderfully numinous quality to these intervals on the shoreline or out on the water in my canoe. I do miss my heron though.

It's cold and quiet and so serene on the lake now, only the wind, the rocks, the reeds and a few mallard ducks and geese for companionship at sundown. To borrow the words of the late and gloriously talented Canadian author, W.O. Mitchell, I have not "seen the wind" in these precious intervals, but I have certainly tasted the wind. She is wise and wild and sweet, her fragrance crafted from falling leaves and acorns.


Endment said...

The glory of your night and the wind are now imprinted in my mind

Carolyn H said...

What a wonderful photograph. The ripples in the water really make it special, almost like a mackeral sky (but in water). Thanks!

Carolyn H.

Shelli said...

What a serene photograph.

Anonymous said...

I love your photography. I especially like the evening skies during this time of year. The light is waning so different colors seem to come out.