Friday, November 23, 2007

Mama Says Om - Giving

The Kerr mènage are going through their customary just-before-December frenetic routines with a number of family birthdays taking place in the weeks before Yule (or Christmas) actually arrives on the scene. For some reason or other, the clan is chock full of fiery and independent Sagittarians or "sagacious Sags" as my elder daughter likes to put it. One of the December birthdays to come is mine, and so here I am again, doing my usual presentation on the subject of gifts and giving for the benefit of kinfolk and friends.

"Keep things small," I say. How about something from Oxfam, a local charity shop or a church bazaar? It could be a few beeswax votive candles or a slightly used but well loved book. I would love getting a basket of Moroccan clementines, a bunch of exotic garlic, a box of tea or a jar of tire smoking chipotle paste. They all hunker down and look horrified.

"Better yet," I say, "just turn up on the threshold with a big smile and stay for dinner. Your presence at my hearth is the best gift of all."

Written for the generous mamas at Mama says Om.


Lil said...

I'm a Decemer happy birthday to us both Cate!

And your simple gifts sound just perfect...add a Sigg funky-looking thermos and this list could be mine!

Peace & shakin' the tree,

Peaceful/Paisible said...

hello my sweetheart...Sagitarius Peaceful here...redy to wish you a gorgeous extraordinary birthday...i quite agree with you as for the presents and as I made some medlars'jelly I'll have to give you the recipe !!!!
keep well, dear one, you're always in my thoughts...