Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Flown


adoodleaday said...

Turned up at your blog randomly, and instantly felt a calm wave drift over me. Very thought provoking image. I'll definitely be visiting most days :D

Thank you for the moment of calm you inadvertently provided me in my otherwise rather taxing day at present :)

Shelley said...


I love how absolutely dependable you are, Cate... these gorgeous and centered images are so "you-ish" in my mind now.

I meant to bring my camera with me today and forgot it. Have decided to just live vicariously through you instead.

Thank thee.

Changes in the wind said...

Your photo's are lessons for me...
1. Really look at your surroundings rather than scurrying through.
2. You can find beauty in anything if you look close enough.