Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Blues and Golds

It was one of those October days one thinks about when this time of year comes into mind, as it will inevitably in the deeps of winter a few months along - the skies were a brilliant blue and the rolling ridges and valleys of the highlands were an endless canopy of gold and scarlet punctuated by the multitudinous greens of the fragrant cedars in the coves and hollows. Afternoon sunlight and then falling temperatures around nightfall seem to set the perfume of the cedars free, and the lovely aroma fills the air, an autumn cauldron brewed up with the aforementioned cedar, maple leaves, birch logs, cherry kindling and meadowsweet gone to seed, the whole heady brew well stirred round and round with a moonwise motion.

There was wind in abundance yesterday, and it was certainly not the best of days for photos, but that has to be expected here in October. The same winds which prevented me from clicking away and filling up my memory card with images were the ones filling the air with dancing leaves and carpeting the trails in many colors.

There is nothing notable about these images at all, but here is the gold of the old maple tree in the paddock, the tin roofs of the old barns nearby and the weathered wood of which they were crafted - it has always been one of my favorite scenes. Yesterday I sat under the tree and looked up, and the day seemed to pass in the twinkling of an eye.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cate,
It sure was a nice day to be sitting under a tree, lucky you that it was this beautiful tree with all golds.
I raked most of the leaves in the back yard yesterday, enjoying the sun.
Beautiful picture.
Take care.

Endment said...

The wind is playing with the leaves here today - swirling them high overhead - hundreds of them lifting high above the treetops and the house. What a delight to be in the middle of such a rain.

elaine said...

Thank you for helping me appreciate gold and blue. Usually I focus on only the brilliant reds and oranges of Autumn. Yesterday during my late afternoon walk, the rain stopped, the sun came out and illuminated a golden yellow tree. It looked like it was a matchstick on fire. Beautiful.