Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chilly Morning and Frost

There is a beautiful day rising out there beyond the windows, the morning skies in multitudinous shades of lavender, purple and gold, the sun coming up behind the ash trees, the geese winging overhead and out to the stubble fields to feed. The air is filled with their songs and their exuberance on this chilly morning in the middle of October.

There was a heavy frost last night, and its lacy scraps are still to be seen on the roof tiles in the village. Only the dauntless Virginia creeper vines in the hedgerows seem to be undeterred by the night's plummeting temperatures, but they are turning red and blue and burgundy, and they look as though their jaunty stance is hard work.

We are on our way out to the highlands in a few minutes and feeling rather jaunty ourselves - we are clad in our woollies, carrying apples and grain for the deer and turkeys, seed for the chickadees and nuthatches, biscuits for Cassie and (last but not least) a large thermos of hot tea for ourselves. I often think that the very best mugs of tea are enjoyed while sitting on a stump in the woods in October.


Changes in the wind said...

My immediate thought while reqading this: Can I come along? Even the sound of woollies is appealing to a lady who is still wearing shorts in Arizona. You really should be hired by Canada to be a spokesperson...Makes me want to go there

JesieBlogJourney said...

I imagined the beautiful scene with various tones and colors of leaves as I read this post. Fall is pretty but the frost is going to take over.