Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday in the Field

Yesterday, Blogger was being most uncooperative, and I was torn between sitting here and compelling it to work, or just picking up the camera and heading out to the eastern field with Himself and Cassie - obviously, the idea of a gentle pottering out to my sunlit field with its tall fringe of yellowing corn won the day.

There was a single delicate young doe grazing near the old rail fence yesterday morning, and deep in the cornfield, there was a great rustling, thrashing about and squabbling - the wild turkeys were also grazing, and they are a garrulous lot to be sure.

Sign of the Season: My neighbors are harvesting their pumpkins.


Unknown said...

I just caught up with a week's posts, Cate. I've been such a lazy blogging friend lately. Beautiful photos and beautiful, inspirational words, as always. I'll e-mail you privately with some of my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

These photos and words are just amazing. What a gift you have for expressing the glory of nature!