Sunday, September 16, 2007


Most of the Queen Anne's Lace on my favorite hill has been touched by the icy breath of September winds, and it has turned brittle and withered. The stuff forms lacy complex autumn architectures which are very alluring to a wandering photographer with cold fingers.

In a sheltered corner by the gate, there is a small stand of the elegant resident of field and trail, still greening , ever hopeful and attempting to bloom in spite of the changing season. If the wind chances to leave the little colony alone for a day or three, then perhaps the blooms will have their day after all. One hopes that it will be so.

I am not holding my breath however - yesterday the wind was icy, and temperatures were only a few degrees above freezing at nightfall. Conversations at the gate are of an early and killing frost.


kerrdelune said...

It sometimes seems to me that photos suffer somewhat on the trail from FLICKR to BLOGGER. This photo looked much better before I placed it here.

Linda G. said...

I love your photo and your words. I'm always awed by the determination of plants to bloom and produce seed... even in hostile conditions.

Anonymous said...

interesting view of the lace - I've not seen one curled in like that.