Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Harvest Moon of September

Of the thirteen moons in a calendar year, September's moon is my favorite, and it grieves me to admit that I have never been able to take a decent photo of it, although I have been trying for many years.

September's moon is golden - as golden as the wide corn and barley fields it rises over. It comes up in sumptuous plushy indigo skies, round and expressive of the season, lambent of face and lush in its contours, perfectly attired for autumn and incandescent. This moon always makes me want to raise my arms in celebration, dance and holler and sing, then bow deeply and fall on my knees in thanks and gratitude for it. This moon is something else, and in spite of its rich color and lustrous glow, there is something rather Zen about it.

We also know September's moon as the:

Acorns Gathered Moon , All Ripe Moon, Apples Ripening Moon, Arbitration Moon, Aster Moon, Autumn Moon, Barley Moon, Black Calf Moon, Blood Berry Moon, Blood Moon, Breeding Moon, Calf Grows Hair Moon, Changing Season Moon, Chrysanthemum Moon, Cold and Ice Moon, Corn Maker Moon, Corn Moon, Dancing Moon, Deer Paw the Earth Moon, Drying Grass Moon, End of Fruit Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon, Hay Cutting Moon, Holy Moon, Hulling Corn Moon, Hunter's Moon, Index-finger Moon, Leaf Dancing Moon, Leaves Changing Color Moon, Little Chestnut Moon, Maize Moon, Mallow Blossom Moon, Middle Between Harvest & Eating Indian Corn Moon, Moon of Drying Grass, Moon of Full Harvest, Moon of Much Freshness, Moon of Plenty, Moon When Calves Grow Hair, Moon When Deer Paw the Earth, Moon When Everything Ripens and Corn Is Harvested, Moon When The Calves Grow Hair, Moon When The Deer Paw The Earth, Moon When the Corn Is Taken in, Moon When the Leaves Fall Off, Moon When the Leaves Change Color, Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet, Moose Moon, Morning Glory Moon, Mulberry Moon, Nut Moon, Papaw Moon, Rice Moon, Seed Moon, Shining Leaf Moon, Silky Oak Moon, Singing Moon, Snow Goose Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Tenth Moon, Vine Moon, Wavy Moon, Wine Moon, Wood Moon, Yellow Leaf Moon.

(I am rather fond of the name "Leaf Dancing Moon", and that is precisely what is happening here at present - the leaves are dancing.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cate,
Love the golden colour of the moon with the dark sky watching over it. This is the most beautiful picture of the moon every.

Anonymous said...

cate..... if you don't think this photo captures the sumtuous nature of this golden harvest moon, i don't know what would! its beyond lovely! nance

Jo said...

What a beautiful image. My sons were looking at the moon last night and I taught them the word scudding for the clouds.....