Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Goldenrod and Hopper

Amid all the bluster, blow and hollow windy music of a classic autumn day in the highlands, a single towering specimen of goldenrod stood stalwart against the rail fence yesterday, still swaying back and forth, but moving more gently in the steady gusts than its neighbors were.

I thought I was just capturing a lovely golden flowering stalk in the sunshine by the old gate, and when I uploaded the photo, there was a grasshopper in my photo - perched on a strand of Queen Anne's Lace and looking cheerful, positively beaming in fact and happy with the day.

Sometimes, just sometimes, one receives a little surprise reminder when she needs one.

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Suzanne said...

Thank you for helping me to see the joy in that little being. It looks to me like her mouth is opening to say hello.

I see her front feet on the flower petals and was thinking of her viewpoint -- so up close and personal with the beauty we see from a distance because of our size.

With much appreciation for sharing your world.