Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mutinous Thoughts in August

In the hot dry August weather, my favorite ponds and waterways are dwindling, and there are many places where one can walk across the Clyde and little Mississippi rivers - if one is so inclined that is. Water is still flowing in those splendid places however, and the soft ground nearby is clearly marked with the prints of the deer and bears and wild turkeys who come down to drink at sunrise and in evening twilight.

In the heat of the day yesterday, I wandered down to the winding creek below the eastern hill and its secluded pond among the trees, longing (quite simply) for a little shade and stillness and the gentle sound of water flowing downhill for good measure. The longing for those things was almost beyond expression - my silvery head is in a rather tumultuous state these days, restless and in something of a muddle as it always is at this time of the year.

Lately I find myself thinking of of making great sweeping changes of various kinds, of nuking this dear little blog home and starting over from scratch, of removing everything from the Cafe Press and Flickr sites and starting over there too. I consider shaving my head, learning to fly, running away to join the circus, or more likely in August, running off to camp on the northern shore of Lake Superior among the rocks and trees, with only the loons and bald eagles for company. In my dreams I can hear waves hitting the wild shore of Old Woman Bay, and I can hear loons calling to each other beyond the point.

One holds such mutinous thoughts at a reasonable distance by spending meditative time near quiet woodland waters in the graceful company of old trees and little green frogs - yesterday there were frogs in the pond everywhere I looked, and they brought me back to where I should be.


Anonymous said...

I can empathize with the need for change. Does it always strike this time of year, or is it less predictable?

None of your proposed mutinous activities sounds terribly destructive. The hair thing is always good for reversible breakouts, though I tend to think of - but not act on - impulses toward tattoos and additional piercings. Might do one or both, if only I weren't such a coward about pain.

Lil said...

And where exactly is it you should be?? Are you a fire sign?? Although we are past the height of it's intensity and it's pull, I find (being one myself) that this season in particular always pokes that yearning within me to change...something, anything, EVERYTHING! I don't know what it is...but it's as palpable as what you have described I too can relate. IF you do start from scratch, please PLEASE let us know where we can then find you again!


z-silverlight said...

The weather has changed. Feels like Fall. Everyuthing you mentioned, sounds good-EXCEPT- don't shave your head.
Go over and start a new blog. You have matured some more since this one. You are in a new place.
I get meloncoly in the Fall too.

kerrdelune said...

Indeed, a fire sign, Sagittarius (double) with another fire sign thrown in for good measure - Leo.