Friday, August 10, 2007

Mama Says Om - Sticky

Sticky is a good word for August methinks, and it is an excellent word too for our ceaseless oscillation between weather which is moderate and weather which is extreme.

Our northern days begin later, and they end earlier too, a natural state of affairs with the summer solstice several weeks in the past now and daylight hours on the wane until Yuletide in December.

Mornings are cool and shady, lovely times for long walks with Cassie and for working in the garden. By noon, we will both be happy to be indoors and looking out into the dense sticky heat beyond the windows. At twilight we will go off again and potter around among the hedgerows, peering into the dusky foliage for tiny acorns, ripening plums and hidden flowers blooming unseen in the leafy depths like late summer jewels.

This morning, there was a perfect spider web in the hedgerow, beaded with dew and looking for all the world like a fabulous (and very sticky) neck ornament. This one is the work of the orb weaver known here as the common garden spider, and it is an undertaking both glutinous and sublime - anything but common. Sitting there in the dewy grass, I thought of Indra's jeweled net (or web) and how we are all connected in the greater scheme of things. Emaho!

Written for the blithe (and unsticky) mamas at Mama Says Om.


Anonymous said...

Incredible photo!

Lil said...

every morning I do a walkabout my wee garden to see what's sprouted overnight, what needs pinched and what's begging for sweet water and love...while my toddler looks for the bugs, bees and spider webs! she will love this when I show it to her...