Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Journey (Tabi)

When encountering one of my August potholes, I always seem to potter (or lurch) off in one of three directions, and occasionally, I potter off in all three of them at once.

There are all those thoughtful potterings through morning hedgerows which merit (or do not merit) description here from time to time. There are potterings in all sorts of other directions with camera in hand, and sometimes, just sometimes, there are quiet Zen intervals spent with ink stone and bamboo brushes.

Yesterday was an ink stone and bamboo brushes kind of day, the results surprising and rather calming as well. The imagery is going to show up at the Cafe Press shop during the next few days, the rainbow colored version as shirts and various other household items, the scanned original as prints and cards.

There is a lesson here - one can indeed cobble together a fine thoughtful batch of lemonade from a big bag of lemons, and sometimes, she can find a little serenity along the way (journey) as she works.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Are the characters actual kanji for "The Journey"?

Anonymous said...

A pause well taken on your journey. Those are nice, and somehow a soothing reminder.