Tuesday, July 03, 2007

High Vibes

My wild sister Taexalia, has pegged me for the High Vibes Game of Tag, so here we go, and the exercise has been interesting indeed. The things which make my spirit sing and set my senses thrumming like an old harp are (for the most part) simply wild.

(1) Wild Places
A walk in wild places takes me back to what is important. It reinforces a deep connection with this beautiful world of which I am such a small part. In the windy movement of the trees and grasses, the dance of birds in the overstory and the choir of wolves on my hill at sunset, there are songs and tales which are echoes of the great mystery. I long to understand the mysterious language of the earth and know what She is saying - there are times when that longing is almost enough to bring me to my knees. Sometimes I sing along with the wolves on my hill at sunset, and whenever I am "out there", I feel like dancing too.

(2) Earth, Water, Stone
I park myself on a stone by the river or stream and remain there for an hour or so, listening to what the earth and stones and river are saying. There's a fine wild music in play and I dissolve into that music as if I too am flowing merrily along like the water. In the quiet pools, small waterfalls and gentle ripples, the sunlight flickering through the leaves of old overhanging trees and the fragrance of riparian earth, there is an elemental peace which is profoundly comforting, soothing and energizing too.

(3) The Camera
As I grow older, the camera is becoming almost a part of me, and every time I pick up the Lumix, I feel myself relaxing and becoming more myself (whoever and whatever that person happens to be). The camera is my third eye, a revealing lens which allows me to see into the perfect architecture of leaves, wildflowers, and old wood, to see (and understand) in a very small way just how remarkable Gaia's earthly garden is. I come alive when I pick up my camera.

(4) Books
My father taught me to read when I was about four years old, and he had no choice. I was most insistent about learning to read then and there, intuiting somehow at that early age that there was magic in books, that there were great worlds to be explored and innumerable fine adventures waiting within their pages. When I am not out pottering around in woodlands and hedgerows, I usually have my withered (but very happy) nose planted in a book.

(5) Starry Skies and Moonlight
Can there be anything in this world more beautiful than a clear night, a sky full of stars and Lady Moon smiling down on us? I think not. When I stand outside on the hill or in the garden after dark and look up, there is a deeper knowing, one which says clearly that I am part of all this, that I am part of this joyous elemental communion, and I belong here.

All of this (of course) is creative in its way and very satisfying. In my own turn, I am tagging:


Crayons said...

Hi kerrdelune

I forgot to tell you how much I liked that photo of the caterpillar yesterday or the day before.

Thanks for tagging me.... I think... Let me see if I can rustle up a few ideas.

Rowan said...

I've been missing some interesting posts and beautiful photographs while I've been away. The caterpillar is really lovely - what kind is it? I so enjoyed reading your high vibes - much of what you wrote applies to me too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting meme! Thanks for including me. I've posted my five and passed the tag along to five more.

Michele said...

Oh! I am so honored! I'll be giving this some thought and posting shortly. Thank you, Cate!

eb said...

now this is an interesting tag

loved and resonated with your responses

poetic space

xox - eb.