Monday, July 16, 2007

Butterflies and Truth

It is a state of mind which always seems to set in at this time in summer, a nebulous melancholy which defies adequate wordy description, perhaps arising from the fact that summer is fleeting and passes far too quickly in my beautiful north woods.

When the malaise sets in, one can nurture and cultivate it, or set off into the trees with camera and binoculars to listen to the grosbeaks in the overstory, take a closer look at the season and embrace what summer holds out to a patient potterer.

Yesterday, that is exactly what I did - I set off into the greenwood and climbed out of myself for an hour or two, finding a leafy peace and quiet wonder among the graceful wings and uplifted voices. Somewhere along the trail into the greenwood, I encountered wild truth, and I found myself too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
Each day, your photos are exquisite. It is such a joy to visit your site, it is just what I need.
Thank you!

Rowan said...

There is nothing like getting out into the countryside when you are feeling melancholy. There is always something to lift your spirits. Though after weeks and weeks of grey skies and rain it's getting a bit hard to come up with the goods lately:) Summer is not so much fleeting as totally absent here this year.

Suzie Ridler said...

You found yourself where you also found wild truth and butterflies, how appropriate and magical for you. I envy those moments. I have had so few of them recently.