Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Poem - Not Dawdling

Not dawdling
not doubting
intrepid all the way
walk toward clarity
with sharp eye
With sharpened sword
clearcut the path
to the lucent surprise
of enlightenment
At every crossroad
be prepared to bump into wonder

James Broughton (from Little Sermons of the Big Joy)

There is an original haiku offering here.


Marcie said...

I really love this line: "At every crossroad
be prepared to bump into wonder." I am always ready to bump into wonder!

I posted today about the things that live and grow in the "wild edges" of my property... if you're interested! (And a quick little poem for Poetry Thursday!)

marde said...

Dawdling used to be one of my 'push button' words, having been scolded a thousand times for doing just that. Most of us can now be scolded for always being in a hurry, 'human doings' instead of 'human beings'. Here, Broughten shows that there is a third way -- moving forward with clear intent, not getting side-tracked, but at all times awake to the moment and its offerings ~ wonder! Thank you