Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here are hazy vignettes taken near Dalhousie Lake, as we pack up our gear this morning and head off into the steamy orchid bogs of the Lanark Highlands.

All were captured yesterday, and the morning was so splendidly hot, sunny and humid that a heat haze shimmered over everything, from the trees at the top of the gorge to the river and rocks far below. The water running headlong over the stones in the river was blissfully cool.

The gorge, river and lake are old friends, and the view from above is absolutely spectacular. The climb to the heights is one I have undertaken many times over the years, perching on top with my feet dangling over the edge, my camera in hand and the happy feeling that I was sitting on the very roof of the world. There has been at least one post here on the pleasures of sitting high above in the autumn mist, looking out over pine clad ridges and shadowed valleys.

Yesterday, there were legions of dragonflies swooping over the lake, and the trees along the river were full of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails.


kate said...

What a beautiful post ... the pictures are gorgeous and your description of the day gave me a pang of remembrance for a time when I lived in Ottawa.

Maureen said...

wonderful, descriptive tree post, Cate... saw this over at the Festival#13 and had to zoom over. I've been gone for a couple of weeks more or less .... and haven't been visiting blogs during my busy landscape construction season. I'm glad I headed over to yours. Nice one!