Saturday, June 30, 2007

About the Moon (Not)

It's not an unusual state of affairs in summer. . . Last evening (as usual), out came the big tripod and camera, and I made ready to go out in the garden and look at the moon coming up, big, bright, and almost full.

It's a meditation of sorts, this standing out in the garden and looking up at the moon on the night before her fullness, observing her perfect peaks and valleys, running through my inner archive of moon lore, thinking full moon thoughts and taking a photo or two. In all my years on this dear little blue planet, no two full moons have ever been quite the same, and they are all illuminating (pardon the pun).

Alas, there was no moon to be seen last evening, for we were balanced on the edge of a great unbridled summer storm with son et lumière in abundance, and we certainly need that rain if there is to be a harvest this year. The light show and sound effects were spectacular at times and Mother Earth is a little more moister (and happier) this morning.

We shall try again this evening, but how lovely the silvery grey hostas are in their mantles of raindrops.


Anonymous said...

Hostas are so lovely. I have four by my front door and pause to enjoy them every time I go in. The drops on their waxy leaves in your photo is very seductive as well.


thailandchani said...

Wow.. just some plain beautiful writing here! (Followed you here from Lilithmother's blogroll)



Crayons said...

Good evening kerrdelune,

These photos inspire awe in my eyes. Wonderful hostas, wonderful photography. I like the close cropping.

I want to read you post on the moon, but I'm in a rush right now. I want to read it mindfully.