Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Garden Awakening

Obviously, I have a passion for white and gold in springtime, but could anything be more cheerful and uplifting than these first flashes of colour in the garden? In early morning, the tulips and jonquils are dazzling. I view them through the kitchen window as I enjoy early morning coffee, and the cool blue-green of the foliage is as captivating as the blooms.

I have no idea what cultivar these "broken" tulips are — they were liberated from the garden of an abandoned farmhouse in the Lanark Highlands which was about to be demolished. The jonquils (or narcissus) were also liberated from an abandoned farmhouse, and they are of classic heirloom shape and colour.

Last autumn, I planted black tulips (Queen of the Night) nearby as a contrast to these bright creatures, but not a single member of the velvety deep purple hybrids has arisen in the garden this year. I suspect that my fellow gardeners (the squirrels) have been hard at work planting the bulbs in other places in the village.


Michele said...

Tulips are my favorite flower and these are gorgeous! I so wish we could grow them here but it's just too warm.

Tabor said...

These blossoms reflect spring because they are sun shiny faces full of optimism.

Anonymous said...

Goddess, I love your flower shots Cate...these are so beautiful, and the early sun looks brilliant on their faces!

I planted tulips in our front 3 years ago...the first 2 years, they were chopped off just as their heads were peeking out by the lawnmower...but this year, they are finally growing, although sparsly, because we have the same helpers you do!