Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What does one say on a morning like this after so many precious young lives have been violently snuffed out by a deranged killer, all their beauty and brightness, their youthful spirit and their promise brought to a bloody end?

Even the Tibetan bells on the terrace are silent this morning. There are no words for such tragedy, only this deep aching sadness.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
Thank you. Silence is upon everyone, there are no words to say, only thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me in this tragedy beyond those of prayer for the grieving friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Kerredelune. Amen. And those winter photos below? Yikes. I'm glad in So Cal where it isn't very warm, but it isn't snowing either.

Rowan said...

This was a terrible tragedy - the parents of all these young people must be totally devastated. It seems a not uncommon occurence in the USA - I think that it is far too easy for people to obtain a gun there. All that bright promise and all those dreams just snuffed out on the whim of one disturbed young man.