Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Spring Ramble

Dutchman's Breeches

Wild Leeks

The first real spring ramble is always a treat, and something I look forward to in the dark days of winter. On an April morning, one goes out to the woods in her warm anorak, gloves and boots and laden down with camera, camera bag and lenses, compass and water bottle. When she arrives, she discovers that there is no need for an anorak and gloves at all - it is a day for happy twittening, sunlight, birdsong, greenery and short sleeves.

Everything in the landscape exists in a stronger light in April, each sprout and tendril alight in a realm where the trees have yet to burst into a leafy (and sheltering) splendour, and the sunlight paints every stone and branch and lichen with intense gold. Yesterday, the woods were also full of waterfall music and the cries of courting birds.

On the moist ground near the creek, the first fronds of Dutchman's Breeches were already poking their heads out, and the vigorous clumps of Wild Leeks which I discovered last year at this time were well up, a dazzling earthbound bouquet of green among the drifts of dead leaves remaining from last autumn.

I know a sunny secluded slope a mile from the main gate where the Hepatica are probably in bloom now, and this morning, they are calling.


Marcie said...

I posted a photo of dutchman's breeches on my blog recently too (on the 15th.) I love a woodland ramble in April, just as you do. I loved your description of your walk. Just perfect!

Anonymous said...

You have such different plants where you are, but then I am in the suburbs of a city, by the beach. I just love your photos and thoughts--and poetry and Momma Says Om. I like visiting with you.