Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Small Wish & Wise Thought

One of these fine days, there is going to be a shop at Cafe Press, and as I consider the available options, items, fabrics and colours, they are all dancing through my thoughts like so many windblown oak leaves on a cold blustery day.

The image above is pinned to the bulletin board here in the study. Although it has already found its way onto T-shirts, notecards, mousepads and mugs through a local manufacturer, it will probably be one of the first things to be added to the new menu at Cafe Press. The graphic (Joy in Japanese) and accompanying words have taken me (and friends who asked for the aforesaid shirts, notecards, mouse pads and mugs) through some very tight corners and abysmal potholes in the past year or three.

This is one of my personal mantras, something we all need to remember from time to time — and something we are always forgetting — that joy is our birthright and it is all around us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
May your small wish and wise thought come true for you on every journey.
Beautiful image to keep close at hand.
Thank you.

Endment said...

How right you are about the forgeting part... May you have Joy on Your Journey!!!

I so need to remember today!

Gary Boyd said...

I think the first thing that caught my eye on your site was your illustrations. Since then I have returned regularly for the words.

I found myself reading yesterdays post aloud to my wife. The pictures the words painted were impressive.

Thank you for adding a little joy to my journey...May the trail for you be mostly downhill, with just enough uphill walks to keep it interesting.

Val said...

A deep bow of thanks for the timely reminder. I needed it!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I'm catching up on your blog today and I greatly appreciate this! Thank you.