Saturday, March 03, 2007

March's Moon of Awakening

After a long dark winter, one pines for warmth and light and likes to think of the third moon interval as earth's awakening time - many (if not most) of the names of March's full moon hint at awakening, springtime and greening.

This year, there is little evidence of awakening in the landscape. Beyond my window this morning lies a vast ocean of deep soft new snow which billows and curls and rolls away into the distance: the cars, small trees, hedgerows and fences of the village poking out of the breakers like storm tossed toy boats and channel markers.

I knew there was a moon up there in the inky darkness last night, and just where it was rising beyond the ash trees, but one could see nothing of "She Who Rules the Night", and the same will probably hold true this evening. I shall not be standing out in the garden with tripod and camera, wrapped up in every warm garment I possess, looking up and shivering from head to foot - Lady Moon will not be visible on this most radiant night of the lunar month.

One can do very well without these March storms, but the fresh snow outside is exactly the colour of the moon which has been spangling the late winter skies in my dreams all week long, and the Vernal Equinox is only few weeks away. I shall place a pot of daffodils, crocus or fragrant purple hyacinth (my favourite) on the old oak table in the dining room this evening, make tea, light a candle and think of warm and happy things. After so many years of life and moon watching on the earthly plane this time around, the moon is an old friend, and her image is clear and radiant in my thoughts, whether the night is cloudy, or clear and full of stars.

We also know March's moon as:

Alder Moon, Big Famine Moon, Big Winds Moon, Blossoming Out Moon, Bud Moon, Buffalo Dropping Their Calves Moon, Catching Fish Moon, Chaste Moon, Cherry Blossom Moon, Cold’s End Moon, Crow Moon, Daffodil Moon, Death Moon, Deer Moon, Eagle Moon, Earth Awakens Moon, Equinox Moon, Flower Shower Moon, Geese Return Moon, Greening Moon, Growth Begins Moon, Hertha's Moon, Hyacinth Moon, Kono Moon, Lenten Moon, Little Frog Moon, Little Spring Moon, Maple Moon, Maple Sugar Moon, Middle Finger Moon, Moon of Opening Hands, Moon of the Crane, Moon of Snowblindness, Moon of the Vernal Equinox, Moon of Whispering Winds, Moon When Buffalo Cows Drop Their Calves, Moon When the Leaves Burst Forth, Moon When the Geese Return, Moose Hunter Moon, Much Lateness Moon, Oestara's Moon, Ogroni Moon, Pexsisen Moon, Plow Moon, Princess Flower Moon, Purple Glory Tree Moon, Rebirth Moon, Renewal Moon, Sap Moon, Seed Moon, Sleeping Moon, Snow Blind Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Snowshoe Breaking Moon, Sore Eyes Moon, Spring Moon, Storm Moon, Sucker Fishing Moon, Sugar Making Moon, Third Moon, Tibouchina Moon, Trail Sit Along Moon, Tree Peony Moon, Violet Moon, Water Stands in the Ponds, Moon, Wind Strong Moon, Windy Moon, Worm Moon


Anonymous said...

Your blog is soothing, inspiring and comforting and your photgraphs are gorgeous. You weave images through your words and photos. I come here daily to visit a kindred spirit.

Unknown said...

Good morning kerrdelune,

Isn't the moon in your blogging name?

What a thoughtful post. I love the idea of having so many years of moon-watching, that it (she in French) has become an old friend.

We have the same mirror effect out here on the expansive estate where we live. Rent! On moonlit nights the world turns into illuminated blue-ness. Without the moon I can barely see 10 steps ahead of me.

I was stopped in my tracks last night by the eclipse. I'd forgotten about it entirely, and just happened to look up as the shadow began to uncover the moon's brilliance.

You have posted such a beautiful photo.

Rowan said...

I was watching the moon last night - we had a total eclipse here in the UK. It was both beautiful and eerie - even though the shadow completely covered the marvellous clear light of the moon it was still perfectly visible. We don't often actually see this kind of event or comets, star showers etc because the skies are usually covered in cloud at the crucial time!

Anonymous said...

This one is perfect. Did you get to see the eclipse? We had bad weather here, but my mom got a good view in Oklahoma.
Are you using snowshoes to get through your woods?
I haven't been in since deep snow.