Friday, February 23, 2007

Mama Says Om - Shoes

If you had inquired about my taste in shoes forty years ago, I probably would have professed cheerfully to a passion for high heels, pointed toes, teetering platforms and strange colours and textures. Although I like watching the fancy footwear of others in the village, I now marvel at how many of the wearers manage to get from one place to another in winter without falling and concussing themselves.

These days, I opt for comfort and function, and there are days when that means going barefoot and wearing no shoes at all, but I love my "wellies", and my funky red suede runners always make me feel happy from head to toe, if I must wear shoes. I would love to find a purple suede pair just like them, or perhaps like the violent lavender and emerald green Saucony runners I had to throw out last year. I would also like to acquire a pair of bright red "cowboy type" mules like Karina's. Purple and red together would be lovely, but that is a lot to ask for in shoes n'est-ce pas?

Written for the wise and hip mamas at Mama Says Om. May there be many funky red and purple runners in their future.


Suzie Ridler said...

I have never been a high-heeled shoe woman and just adored this image as soon as I saw it! Although I don't have snowshoes, I do have hiking boots that I wear almost every day and everywhere I go, thanks to my broken arches. I wore a "nice" pair of shoes to the opera and my feet hurt for days! I much prefer your funky red suede runners.

Endment said...

What a wonderful collection of shoes (I believe you changed the photo since I last tried to comment :)
The red suede runners are wonderful - hope you find purple ones!

kerrdelune said...

Click click, a pic or two and then the thought, "what is missing from this picture?" My word, I have forgotten to include my wellies. Off we went to tuck in the wellies. One spends several months in footware which works with snowshoes and the rest in wellies for poking about at the beaver pond.

z-silverlight said...

I don't what it is with women and shoes. But, we females are bats about them.
I only have 15 pair now though.