Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lanark Hills in Blue

Nothing I could say here can ever convey how still and blue and quiet the snowy hills above the beaver pond were yesterday, how elegant and perfect they were in their pristine winter garments.

In winter, the colour at the heart of every spruce and pine and hemlock is a deep blue which is almost indigo in intensity, and the deep wet Lanark snows and the long shadows of late February are blue as well - earth and stones and trees are all enfolded together in a wild lapis lazuli embrace, and on sunny days, the sky adds its own clear azure to the equation.

Yesterday, the branches of the evergreens released a heady astringent fragrance as I brushed against them on my way up the snow drowned trail to feed the birds and the deer for the first time in a few days. February is not one of the Old Wild Mother's more colourful offerings, and it is cold here, but there are rhapsodies in blue everywhere I look, if I am patient and have the eyes to see them - there are natural wonders to be seen and heard and inhaled.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. What are those trees? I am sure we don't have them here.
Did you get lots of snow from the Valentine's day storm?

Endment said...

Rhapsodie in Blue is perfect for today!

z-silverlight said...

(silverlight comment:)the snow is so pure and you are far enough north, that the snow reflects blue just like the glaciers do.
Incredible phenomemnon.

kerrdelune said...

A lovely mixture of pine, spruce and hemlock on these hills and it is lovely stuff to wander through, even when the snow is as deep as it is here. Within a few minutes, Cassie and I had made tracks up and down the hill, stopping at frequent intervals to sniff the evergreen perfume.

Anonymous said...

Those are some beauteous photos. You certainly have an eye.