Friday, February 02, 2007

February's Full Storm Moon/Imbolc

Inky forests and purple snows, ice coated branches in the eastern field like jewels in the dusk. . . .

February's moon is a winter orb, rising cold and clear over chimneys disclosing woodsmoke, snow bound fields, icy trees and dark fragrant woodland. I think of February's lunar cycle as the cycle of the spruce moon because spruce is the true fragrance of northern winter, heady and invigorating "stuff" to inhale as one potters along on snowshoes or makes her way through deep drifts without them.

This year, February's moon is also the Imbolc or Candlemas moon, falling as it does on the eve of the old Celtic cross quarter day of reflection, purification, cleansing and renewal. For the ancient Celts, February 2 was Latha Fheill Bride, Gwyl Ffraed or Latha Fheill Brighde, and in the great round of the turning year, it is the day consecrated to Brigid (or Brighid, Brigit or Bride as she is also known). Brigid is a deity of fire, and she is the patroness of light, inspiration and all our creative endeavours, be such arts those of the blacksmith, the chandler (candlemaker), the bard, the poet or the artist. This is also Groundhog Day, and therefore a day of weather divination. If a groundhog sees his shadow today, we are in for another six weeks of winter (until the Vernal Equinox). If the groundhog does not see his shadow, then spring is just over the horizon.

A very Merry Imbolc (or Groundhog Day) to all of you!

We also know this winter moon as the: Ash Moon, Big Winter Moon, Bony Moon, Budding Moon, Candlemas Moon, Chestnuts Moon, Cleansing Moon, Cold Winds Moon, Coyote Frighten Moon, Crow Moon, Death Moon, Eagle Moon , Fish Running Moon, Frost Sparkling in the Sun Moon, Gray Moon, Horn Moon, Hunger Moon, Ice in River Is Gone Moon, Ice Moon, Imbolc Moon, Index Finger Moon, Little Bud Moon, Long Dry Moon, Makes Branches Fall in Pieces Moon, Mimosa Moon, Moon of Ice, Moon of Purification and Renewal, Moon of Rabbit Conception, Moon of the Cedar Dust Wind, Moon of the Raccoon, Moon of the Frog, Moon When Geese Come Home, Moon When the Bear Cubs are Born, Moon When the Spruce Tips Fall, Moon When Trees Pop, Moon When Trees Are Bare and Vegetation Is Scarce, Narcissus Moon, No Snow in Trails Moon, Peach Blossom Moon, Pink Moon, Plum Blossom Moon, Primrose Moon, Quickening Moon, Raccoon Moon, Rain and Dancing Moon, Red Moon, Second Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Snow Moon, Solmon (Sun Moon), Squint Rock Moon, Staying Home Moon, Storing Moon, Trapper’s Moon, Treacherous Moon, Violet Moon, Wexes Moon, Wild Moon, Wind Moon, Wind Tossed Moon, Winter Moon

My own favorite links for the festival of Imbolc include the following:


Endment said...

I have no words only O-o-o-o-o- and A-h-h-h-h or is it Awe

Suzie Ridler said...

Stunning! I just wish I could sleep and dream during this important time to receive visions but for two nights sleep has eluded me, replaced with back pain. I am making a "brew" of sage salt water and will be doing a broom sweeping to cleanse my place and then spray it to sanctify it. I hope you have a blessed Imbolc my magickal friend!

Anonymous said...

I love your moon shot! Those silvery trees add so much to your shot.
I took one this month, and am going to do it each month from now on--I know why didn't I start in January?

Val said...

What lovely thoughts at Imbolc. A very special festival. Thank you for the links too.