Monday, February 05, 2007

All Well

All is well here this morning, if one does not consider the icy state of affairs beyond the windows. My friend turned up yesterday afternoon at the appointed hour, and we took my CPU apart, extracted the memory card from its perch inside the wrong USB port, then dusted and cleaned the various components and put everything back together again. As we worked, we exchanged tales and had a few chuckles now and again about the things which go wrong with computer components and the silly things which users do.

It didn't take long to do the job, and when we were finished, we relaxed in the living room with several mugs of Earl Grey tea and wholegrain shortbreads. Sunday afternoon flew by us in the twinkling of an eye and made a soft landing somewhere in the snow behind the little blue house in the village. Now there is a cheerful thought - perhaps the deep snow drifts in my garden are a repository (or sanctuary) for winter afternoons which have been spent companionably with old friends and mugs of tea.

This morning, I was able to extract these two photos from my memory card and was delighted to learn that it has not been traumatized by its wild ride and adventures in the wrong slot. It is about minus forty (Celsius) here, and it is unlikely that I will be going anywhere today unless absolutely necessary, but the sunlight through the windows is grand stuff indeed.

This week's haiku offering is here.


Endment said...

Glad your computer is back together --- What a wonderful reason to have a visit with a good friend.
Your analagy of the deep snow drifts being a repository for companionable afternoons is delightful...

Suzie Ridler said...

Good grief! I can't believe the cold you're getting. I am an absolute baby when it comes to the cold, I was sad when we got snow and it was -1C here on the island. When I lived in Ottawa we got weather like that, it was -40C on my birthday in January one year. That was my last year there, I packed up and headed west. I hope you manage to stay warm, enjoy your tea and feel happy about getting the memory card working, yay!

Shelley said...

Remember to be kind to yourself the next time you do something foolish, okay?

This is a lovely happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Graphic artists and memory cards...must be a haiku there somewhere.

Signed by Tabor